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ENTERPRISE LIFE - 'AkwantuPa' Policy


AkwantuPa is an ingenious product by Enterprise Life designed for Ghanaians living abroad. It is designed to ensure that handling financial responsibilities towards your loved ones back home is easy and stress free!
AkwantuPa pays out a lump sum cash benefit upon the demise of family members who live in Ghana, to finance their burial rites.
The policy also provides an optional Repatriation cover for policyholders and their family members who live abroad. This Repatriation benefit pays the costs incurred in transporting the mortal remains of policyholders or their family members abroad, back to Ghana for burial upon their demise.
AkwantuPa also offers convenience as the lump sum benefit for family members who live in Ghana can be used to purchase funeral services from Enterprise Transitions, a reputable funeral service company in Ghana.

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Enterprise Life has received a number of awards. These include
1. Insurance Company of the Year 2016 - 4th Business Executive Excellence Awards 2017.
2. Leader in the Financial Services Sector - Ghana Club 100 for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014(Ghana Investment Promotion Council - GIPC)
3. 3rd. Most Prestigious company and highest ranked insurance company in Ghana- Ghana Club 100 for 2010, 2011 and 2012 - (Ghana Investment Promotion Council - GIPC)
4. Cendant of the Year-2012, 2013 (Ghana Reinsurance)
5. Insurance company (LIFE) of the year 2009, 2011 and 2013 - CIMG
6. Gold Award - 4th Ghana Business and Financial Services excellence Awards, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry-2011
7. Silver Award- 3rd Ghana Business and Financial Services Excellence Awards, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry-2010

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Why the 'AkwantuPa' Policy

Our Ghanaian family values are based on the principle of caring and respect for humanity. This is evident in our Ghanaian culture and underscores the need for a decent and dignified burial for our loved ones. Ghanaians in diaspora have to constantly struggle with the inconveniences of burying their loved ones at home. Why go through the stress and hustle of fulfilling funeral obligations when Enterprise Life can lift that heavy burden for you. Why spend your savings on a funeral when Enterprise Life can support you The AkwantuPa Policy underscores the need for a decent and dignified burial of our loved ones irrespective of your geographic location.


Enterprise Life was incorporated in the year 2000 and in 2001 was handed the operational license by the National Insurance Commission. Enterprise Life is a subsidiary of the Enterprise Group, a company that has been in operations for 92 years, and is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Leadership in the Market
Enterprise Life is currently the number one premium income earner in Ghana, thus making it the largest and most profitable life insurance company in Ghana. This is borne out of a consistent and deliberate effort to be at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements, the highlights of which include pioneering of Funeral Insurance in Ghana, and customer centered tech solutions such as Claim Express, customer interactive USSD platforms aimed at bringing service to the doorstep of our clients as well as the introduction of an ultra-modern and state of the art Funeral Services company; TRANSITIONS



For purposes of convenience and a wonderful premium payment experience, we bring you three(3) options with which you can make premium payments. You would be required to select one(1) of these during the sign-up process.
1. Online Payment Transaction
We provide you with a safe and secured online payment method. Pay your premiums online by using either your VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER debit/credit card.
2. Money Transfer/Remittance Services
Our Partnership with Unity Link Money Transfer Services as a premium facilitator enables you to still use your reliable money transfer provider to make premium payments by way of transfering money to us. However remember to print your Payment Instruction Sheet (PIS) during your sign-up process and present it at Unity Link or Family Link offices to make your payments.
3. Direct Debit
We wish to leverage on our strong experience as the largest premium collector in Ghana to afford you the opportunity to use any BANK in Ghana as a medium of premium payment. Upon completion of your sign-up process, we would attempt premium collection by debiting your account on the agreed dates.

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The AkwantuPa Policy is an innovative product from Enterprise Life which eases the burden and stress involved with funeral planning and financing when living abroad, with a few easy steps and a click of a button. With a wide range of product offerings, the policy caters for the need of every Ghanaian funeral setting from the modest to the lavish, by way of instant cash pay outs or offering a full range of funeral services. Sign onto the AkwantuPa policy and exchange the burden of funeral financing for an advantage of convenience and serenity.

The Policy will pay a lump sum if any member you have insured dies during the period of cover. 

Yes, the policy only covers loved ones of the policyholder.

You decide how much benefit you would like this policy to pay out. There are five different cover levels available to choose from: GHS10,000, GHS20,000, GHS30,000, GHS40,000 and GHS50,000.

Yes, the policy will payout the amount chosen anytime a member dies, so long as the policy is active and all conditions are met.

Claims will not be paid if:
The relationship of the person you covered is outside our definition of family members (parents, in-laws, spouse, children, foster-parents, guardians and siblings).
2. Death due to natural causes, occurs within the waiting period(6 months after start of cover)
3. Policy termination due to non-payment of premiums.
4. if death of the policyholder is as a result of an exclusion (please see the next FAQ for a list of the exclusions).

The company will not recognize any claim occasioned or accelerated by any of the following causes:
1. Suicide, attempted suicide or any self-inflicted injury within 2 years, whether the Policyholder is sane or insane at the time.
2. Any act committed by the Policyholder which constitutes a violation of criminal law.
3. Excessive use of alcohol, willful inhalation of gas, willful exposure to radioactivity or the willful taking of poison or drugs (except as prescribed by a medical practitioner) resulting in the death of the Policyholder.
4. Any act of war, military action, terrorist activities (whether war be declared or not), riots, strikes, civil commotion or insurrection, in all cases whether as an active participant or not
5. Active participation in mountaineering, horse riding, motor cycle racing, hunting, fighting (except in self-defense) any speed contest other than a speed contest on foot.

Uncles and Aunties can be covered or insured as Guardians or Foster-Parents if they play that role in the policyholder's life.

You can cover a maximum of four (4) family members.

SPOUSE 18 74

The Repatriation Package is an additional cover available under AkwantuPa. It provides coverage that allows a policyholder's mortal remains to be transported back to their home country (Ghana) and other formalities associated with it. The Repatriation package covers the cost of air fare (flight ticket) and documentation required to transport the main life's body from the resident country to the home country, Ghana.

The repatriation benefit can be selected to cover;
1. The Policyholder
2. Any Family Member who lives abroad
However the lump sum benefit on any other family member who lives in Ghana can be converted to the Repatriation benefit where the family member passes away abroad.

The benefit for the Repatriation Package depends on the cover level chosen under AkwantuPa. There are specific services under each benefit level that make up the full Repatriation benefit.

Yes. A Ghanaian who is resident abroad can purchase just the Repatriation Package under AkwantuPa.

No. The Repatriation Package is an optional benefit that can be chosen. It is only available on the Silver, Gold and Platinum benefit levels on AkwantuPa.

Yes. You can request for your AkwantuPa policy to be amended to add the Repatriation package. This would however come at a charge that would increase your existing premium.

Yes. There is a 15% automatic premium update facility on AkwantuPa which applies to the Repatriation Package. This will increase all the benefits available including the Repatriation benefit once a year. The automatic premium update is an inflation protector that ensures the benefit payable would be enough to cover the costs of providing the benefits under the Repatriation packages when the prices escalates.

Repatriation Services
GHS 30,000
GHS 40,000
GHS 50,000
Air Fare (Flight Ticket)
Clearing from Airport in Ghana
Storage (30 days Minimum)
Dressing and Beautification
Chapel for Burial Services
Chapel for thanksgiving Service (Sunday)
Burial Permit
Graveside Decor
Photography(Pictures Only)


Claims for benefits will be considered if the Policy is active, the full payment due at the time of claim has been made and upon receipt of:

1. A completed claim form

2. Proof of the occurrence of the insured event (demise of policyholder and/or life or lives covered)

3. Proof of identity of the claimant and/or policyholder.

Relevant documents supporting the claim

i. Medical Certificate of Cause of Death or Death Certificate

ii. Deceased ID (Passport, Voter's ID, NHIS Card, National Identification Card, Driver License, Baptismal Certificate, Pensioners ID)

iii. Claimant and/or policyholder's ID (Passport, Driver License, National Identification Card).
If you have any challenges in accessing any of the above listed documents, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.


Enterprise Life has introduced an ultra-modern and state of the art Funeral Services Company trading as TRANSITIONS. The company offers convenience, minimizing the stress that mostly accompanies provision of a decent and dignified funeral and burial of loved ones. It offers a bouquet of funeral services such as casket, mortuary services, Removal vehicle, Hearse, Wreath, Casket trolley at church, Chapel and reception facilities, Embalming, washing, dressing and beautification etc.
Use your cash pay-out from the AkwantuPa product to buy our services and enjoy a policy holder discount.Contact us to help plan the final rites of a loved one in a dignified and yet cost effective way.


The Repatriation Package is an optional add-on benefit available under AkwantuPa. It is designed to provide cover for the policyholder of an AkwantuPa policy. The package, when chosen, allows the policy to pay the costs incurred in transporting the policyholder's mortal remains from his or her resident country back to Ghana for burial upon their demise. This benefit is only available under the Silver, Gold and Platinum benefit packages on AkwantuPa. There are specified services available under each of the three benefit packages. Under the Repatriation Package, the costs incurred in acquiring a laissez passer for the deceased person and the air fare (flight ticket) are covered. Other services such as clearing the body from the airport in Ghana, storage in a morgue thereafter, etc. are also available.
Checkout FAQ's for more
Enterprise! Your advantage.

Click to visit Enterprise Funeral Services Website

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Earn extra income by becoming an PROMOTER for the AkwantuPa Policy. As promoter for Enterprise Life AkwantuPa, you will be trained to build meaningful relationships with policyholders and help make important financial decisions that impact the lives of individuals and families on a daily basis. It takes commitment, time and hard work to build a business and keep it growing.
It also takes someone who:
1. Is driven to help others and make a difference
2. Wants to earn extra income
3. Is committed to the business; eager to expand their earning potential

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